Brawl Stars Soon Coming to Android? Know the Release Date Here!

Finally, there are now signs from Supercell that Brawl Stars will be launching soon on Android as per the latest tweet by Brawl stars official Twitter account. This is not yet verified officially but the users on Twitter are already excited about the launch of Brawl Stars beta version on Android.

Brawl Stars Coming to Android?

Initially, when Brawl stars was launched on iOS, users expected to get the Android version within 3 or 4 months after iOS launch. But that didn’t happen and now it’s over a year that Brawl Stars Android game isn’t launched. The most interesting thing is the officials are now indicating that the Android version of Brawl Stars will soon be out!

Here’s the Tweet from official Brawl stars account which shows an Android logo in the image along with the shadow. This clearly indicates that the Brawl Stars release date for Android is very near.


The above image speaks everything! It’s not the image but it’s the shadow of the image which shows the Android logo. That’s actually creating a hype of Brawl stars launching on Android very soon. Although many users are expecting a worldwide launch that might not be possible if you think practically. Because when the game was released on Android last year worldwide, the servers were down badly for more time.

So according to me, there would be beta version first, then the soft launch in selected countries and slowly Brawl Stars APK will be rolling out to other countries one after the other. I am sure that it wouldn’t be launched in one shot!

Brawl Stars Release Date

Brawl Stars Release Date for Android

If we talk about Brawl Stars release date, nothing can be said now as it’s just a kind of rumor that the beta version will be releasing soon for Android users. But as per my experience, the game must launch within a month or two. Though I can’t predict the exact date this is what I personally feel.

Earlier, Supercell followed a simple format for releasing their games on Android after the iOS launch. For instance, Clash Royale on Android was released 3 months after the iOS game launch. That’s not the case in Brawl Stars, it’s over a year now. So the release date for Brawl Stars Android is just a speculation and nothing can be confirmed right now!

A user on Twitter feel that Brawl Stars might be released in the June month itself but I don’t feel so as I said earlier. And many of them said, they would either take a long vacation or bunk the college if the game is released. Well, we will have to wait and watch until there’s an official announcement from Supercell.

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